We use international signed for post with two options :

- Register airmail - this kind of method of shipping is dedicated mainly for clients located in a Central Europe- Its mainly dedicated for POLISH !!!

 No hard feelings please. Register airmail is kind of SLOWEST & cheapest shipping option . Exo Factory is not obligated to make any refund, any replacement if this shipping method is choosed. However, if you are not a pain and you can understand that its not our fault after 2 weeks of shipping your insects die - i m sure we can figure out for something !! 

- Global express - much faster than the option above, take around 3-6 days for delivery <- we HIGHLY recommend to use that shipping method for most parcels with cost above 50 $

- EMS /DHL / GLS - top quality shipping option which cost approx 40-70 € depend country it goes

- For US & Canadian customers : we suggest to use DHL shipping option. DHL deliver orders with 2-4 working days, it cost 70 € and its on buyer request !

This prices covers the cost of delivery and the cost of the packing materials. In cold weather a heatpack will automatically be added at cost and is included in the postage cost

We post to these areas every Monday-Tuesday and will include all orders made and paid for by 4.30pm on the previous day

Tracking numbers are provided when parcels are sent - but just on buyer request. My apologize but it comes from that i m always overbusy and i can simply forget to update the tracking system the day i ship parcels.

Where the weather is colder and requires a heat pack, this will be advised at the time of order
If you expect the parcel sent on mondays to arrive at your destination after thursday, AND the temperature is expected to be less than 4 degrees in your country, you should think carefully whether you should be ordering livestock, as the heatpacks used only last 96 hours, after which, the parcel will have no added heat for the animals. We take no responsibility for loss of stock, it is at your risk.

After you got confrimation from website about status of your order, please dont bother us with stupid questions like how long it take for delivery to your door and what time postman will come. We dont know and we will never know it. Please just a reasonable questions and bit of understanding that people from another country can not know all things about your country you stay in. 


Stock is sent on the understanding that if the stock arrives dead on arrival, Exo Factory is not obligated to replace or refund the cost of any dead animals. Buying stock is at your risk. However, we use a kind-policy and we always prefer to send replacement or offer any solution which makes our clients satisfied.

We take every care to ensure that stock is packed carefully so that it will survive the journey in the post, and most stock reaches its destination alive.

Definetely we dont take no  any responsibility if stock is confiscated for any reason by customs, you will be given a tracking number for the parcel when the stock is sent so that you can track its progress and contact customs if need.

Stocks, as ordered, are sent only on the understanding that you have read and understood the conditions shown above.

1. Live Arrival Guarantee ( LAG ):
【LAG will be appropriate for ALL CUSTOMERS .】
Unboxing video required,the 30 sec beginning of video should be fixed recording the tracking number ,and shows that the parcels(boxes) are in good shape.
No video post, no break video, no pictures, all the process of unboxing should be recorded, or it will be considered as noneffective video.
DOA unboxing video must be reported within 6 hours by E-mail/Face book Messenger /Whatsapp. (The specific time will be calculated from the time of sign for the parcel, showed on the express information, in destination time).
It will be regarded as giving up the replacement ,if you don’t meet the all above demand.
Freebies do not fall under LAG.

Time of delivery 

Dear customers, despite our best efforts the time of delivery is never up to us. 
Since we leave your parcel at the pick up point we have nothing to do with time of delivery to you. 

Shipping companies having a declaration of approximately time of deliver for every country, however please mind that its a international shippment and delays can occur. 

Before purchasing any stock from us, please consider using EMS or Global Express. If you see notification like deliver time should take 3-6 days thats only approx time around but we do not guarantee that nothing happen on route.

To customers from Spain / Portugal / Morocco 

Only bank transfer payment accepted. 

Truly apologize but we had several situations that despite our warning, customer pushed us to ship via register mail and deliver took almost 3 weeks. Obviously most of stock arrived dead. To avoid missunderstandings - only bank transfer is accepted and only Global Express or EMS / DPD / UPS shipping options are accepted.