BugTube Tubarium Zestaw z wyposażeniem

BugTube Tubarium Zestaw z wyposażeniem

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What does the BugTube=kit contain ?

- 1 x tube - size can be choosed by You ! (the tube is EMPTY, ready to be filled and to arrange it yourself)

- 1 x coconut substrate, ready to use in a tubes

- 1 x hydrogel - in our opinion, a necessary position to ensure the correct level of moisture for the substrate and plants planted on it.

- 1 x New Zealand moss - ready to be planted in a tube

- 1 x fruit flies - breeding culture

- 1 x Springtail culture - ready to use as a terrarium cleaners and a food source for smaller type of mantids

- 1 x instruction - guide, sent by e-mail (please send an email, we'll send a PDF guide in the return message)

- Last item, probably the most pleasant one, 1 x randomly selected mantis from our current offer. A mantis in L3-4 stage large enough to
take a flies, thermobias, crickets and roaches.
Our kits will work as well as for a small mantids ( L1-2-3 ) and as for big ones


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