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  • Desert Sand Runner ( Eremiaphila uvarovi )

    Desert Sand Runner mantis 
    100,00 zł
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  • Majangella moultoni

    6 cm of the lenght, amazing look, greatest body shape... it can be only...
    110,00 zł
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  • Parablepharis kuhlii

    One of the most praying mantis in a hobby Appear on a market just one...
    200,00 zł
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  • Parymenopus davisoni

    Helvia cardinalis or Parymenopus davisoni, however u calls them they are...
    40,00 zł
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  • Deroplatys lobata

    Amazing Deadleaf mantis ! Just one of the must have in your breeding
    9,00 zł 9,00 zł
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  • Baby Premium Sugar Glider 500 gram

    Exotic Nutrition's Baby Premium Sugar Glider Diet is a...
    55,00 zł
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  • Toxodera beireri

    Most stunning praying mantis species you ever seen Dragon mantis from...
    300,00 zł
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  • Liturgusa

    50,00 zł
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  • Pseudoxyops perpulchra ( Peruvian Leaf )

    Peruvian Leaf Mantis Something just a stunning in such a sample way
    25,00 zł 25,00 zł
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  • Theopompa servillei ( Giant Bark Mantis )

    Malaysian insects world can make you crazy Take a look on our Giant...
    30,00 zł 29,40 zł
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  • Choreadodis rhombicoliis

    150,00 zł
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  • Plistospilota guineensis ( Mega Mantis )

    Mega must means Mega... and in this situation we have no doubt it is a...
    17,00 zł
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  • Phyllocrania illudens

    Bit more fancy & bigger than the regular Phyllocrania paradoxa
    14,00 zł 14,00 zł
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  • Drosophila hydei

    8,00 zł 8,00 zł
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  • Mystery Box

    By request a box of random mantis & breeding tools for...
    60,00 zł 50,00 zł
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  • Stilpnochlora sp. Panama Giant

    12,00 zł 11,04 zł
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  • Solygia sulcatifrons

    Top biggest praying mantis available in hobby !
    35,00 zł
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  • Humbertiella indica

    14,00 zł
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  • Stagamatoptera femoralis

    18,00 zł 17,10 zł
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  • Idolomantis diabolica ( Devil Flower Mantis )

    Welcome the king & queen of the praying mantis kingdom Devil...
    30,00 zł 28,50 zł
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  • Glider Nest

    13,00 zł
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  • Hymenopus coronatus BIDDING

    One of the most unique shape of the praying mantis. Orchid mantis is one...
  • Tarachodula pantherina ( Panther Mantis )

    Panther praying mantis ! Totaly awsome praying mantis species you will...
    39,00 zł 39,00 zł
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  • Mantis Enclosure 5 x 1000 ml L size + Free mantis

    Buy one and get FIVE amazing professional mantis enclosures for your...
    14,00 zł 12,60 zł
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